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Clients will be responsible for any damages that occur during their rental period to equipment or studio space due to neglect or misuse 
We are not liable for any injuries which may occur during your rental.
Maximum 10 guests in Rental space at any given time.

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There is no tobacco smoking inside the space, you may smoke outside.
No colored powder, glitter, smoke grenades, shoots involving splashing water, paint or any liquid

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Absolutely. Just contact us to request a tour

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the full space available to shoot in including lounge area is 950 sqft.

The studio itself with backdrop/seamless paper is 300 sqft. /Lounge 650


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22 feet

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Yes there will be someone here to greet you, and help you get set up.
if you would like to hire a full time assistant to help you with lighting during

the duration of your shoot one is available @25.00 an hour

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 no more than 7

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it is possible to pull the double sliding doors closed for a private photo

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With your studio rental you will have Free access to all lighting and
grip equipment, backdrops

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White, black, Grey, pink = 6.8 feet wide
Pink, yellow, lite blue = 4.4 feet

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There is no smoking inside the space, You may smoke outside, No
drugs, colored powder glitter, smoke grenades, shoots involving water,
paint or any liquid.

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 As a smaller boutique studio We allow up to 7 people in the studio at
any time.

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”drhfzp04db” title=”Am I allowed to bring animals into the studio?”]

 There no pets allowed in the studio. However, services animals are
always welcome. please mention before booking

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Your time begins when the first person from your group enters the
studio and ends when the last person leaves.