The Space

Central Elements Studios is a Modern, stylish, fully equipped, boutique Photography Studio just minutes from Downtown L.A.On the 3rd floor of 1915 five-story building, Central Elements Studios with 950 sqft of interior shooting space, 9 ft. high ceilings, two separate shooting areas, a balcony with amazing daylight & downtown views,
Central Elements studios is Perfect for portraiture, creative photography, Fashion & Beauty Photography product photography, self taping & videography.
Owned and operated by photographer/videographer, Alexx Thompson Central Elements Studios also offers a wide variety of services for your photographic and video needs.
Rental comes with FREE use of all lights, strobes, backdrops and grip equipment.
  • 950 sqft studio
    Free equipment usage with rental
    Cozy client Lounge
    Brick wall
    Free Wifi

Client Lounge

Exterior – Balcony & fire escape

Central Elements offers a few exterior options for shots as well ..step out from the studio through a pair of french doors onto your lovely balcony featuring views of downtown L.A..
Less than two feet out the door you may enjoy a fire escape offering even further options for exterior shots. The streets around this location also offer a variety of urban settings and backdrops for great photography as well.

Equipment & Amenities


  • Godox AD600BM 600Ws HSS Flash Strobe  (1)
  • Flashpoint Studio 400 Monolight flash strobes (4)
  • 37” Godox octagon soft box (2)
  • 9″ x 35″ Godox Honeycomb Grid Softbox (2)
  • 14” x 63″ Strip Softbox with (2)
  • 22” Beauty Dish  (1)
  • White Translucent shoot through  Umbrellas (2)
  • 48” Parabolic Softbox (1)
  • 43” reflector/diffuser silver, gold, white, (1)
  • Godox 47″ octagon softbox (1)
  • Godox X1C wireless trigger  ( or Canon) (1)
  • Godox Xpro C flash trigger  for Canon) (1)
  •  300 watt fresnel continuous light with dimmer (1)
  •  500 LED Panel continuous light with dimmer (1)
  •  Led Bi-Color Video Lights panel 2300K-6800K (1)
  •  Godox SL-60W LED continuous Video Light (Bowens Mount) (2)


  •  C Stands 40” arms (3)
  •  light stands (6)
  •  sand bags (5)
  • 6 foot tall white and black v flats
  • various 20×30 white boards
  • White gloss plexiglass for product shots (1)
  • Black gloss plexiglass for product shots (1)


  •  82” Wide x 16” tall Seamless white paper (1)
  •  82” Wide x 16” tall Seamless black paper (1)
  •  82” Wide x 16” tall Seamless pink paper (1)
  •  53” wide  seamless yellow paper (1)
  •  53” wide  seamless light blue paper (1)
  •  10 x13 green screen (1)
  •  Exposed brick (1)
  •  3rd floor balcony with downtown views (1)


  • Iron
  • Client Lounge (Also available to shoot in.)
  • Hi Speed Wifi – Bluetooth audio system.
  • Private, clean restroom w/shower inside the studio
  • Chairs
  • Bluetooth speaker for music on set
  • Free High Speed WIFI
  • Green screen
  • Fan
  • 56”snart TV
  • Full length mirror
  • Secured Building under video surveillance
  • Elevator
  • Refrigerator/ microwave
  • Natural Light
  • Balcony



1. What is prohibited?

There is no tobacco smoking inside the space, you may smoke outside.
No colored powder, glitter, smoke grenades, shoots involving splashing water, paint or any liquid


2. Can I take a tour of your Studio?

Absolutely, Just Contact us to request a tour.


3.  How big is the entire Studio?

The full Space available to shoot in, including lounge area is 950 sqft.
The Studio itself with backdrop / Seamless paper is 300 sqft / Lounge  650 sqft

4. How far back from the Seamless background can I stand to shoot photos?

22 feet.

5. Will there be Someone there during my rental time?

Yes, there will be someone here to greet you and help you set up.
If you would like to hire a full time assistant to help you with lightning during the duration of your shoot/
One is available @ $25.00/hr

6.  How many people in total can be at my shoot?

No more than 7